Changes in the demographical composition of student numbers, their educational expectations and advances in didactic formats require that educational institutions review the link between their physical learning environments and their educational visions. In general, educational visions respond to Òchanging social demands and technological developments, innovations in the industry, new insights within knowledge domains, and last but not least, results from educational researchÓ (NHTV, 2014). The purpose of the current on-going study is to research changes and developments in educational goals and objectives (in response to the educational vision), and rank conceptual decision-making on creating responsive and future-proof learning environments in order of relevance and applicability to the specific educational vision in question.

The current research design applies multiple methodological approaches. Part of this approach consists of a similar methodology as was discussed in earlier research on the application value of a process model for supporting decision-making in property and real estate management education (Le Roux, 2014) as was presented and the 2014 ERES conference in Bucharest, Romania. As such, this process model for supporting decision-making on organisational accommodation is applied as a central structuring element in determining educational objectives for / with new learning environments. In addition to the application of this process-model for supporting decision-making, literature on quality function development is applied to assist in the ranking of conceptual choices for elaborating and implementing solutions for future-proofing learning environments.

The originality and value of the current research lies in the combination of multiple research methodologies in facilitating evidence-based decision-making on future-proof strategies and approaches to creating more responsive learning environments. This is particularly true in terms of the application of the theoretical knowledge associated with quality function deployment (QFD) in learning environments.