In this paper we assess five years of activity of ÖGNI, the Austrian Green Building Council. About five years ago the organization started off as an activity of two individuals. In the meantime it has developed into an important actor of the Austrian real estate industry. The organization has certified over 100 buildings according to the DGNB system not only in Austria but also in some other European countries. In addition to that it has developed instruments for supporting a transition toward sustainability for the real estate sector and related sectors by taking a more holistic perspective that looks at products, processes and people. After five years of development, ÖGNI can be considered a success story that justifies a closer investigation.

The analysis of our paper is based upon information from documents and stakeholders about the historical development of ÖGNI and of sustainable real estate in Austria and upon a survey of members of the organization. The paper will investigate, to what extent and in what respects the five year development of ÖGNI can be considered successful and will identify the main lessons that can be drawn from this example.