The main purpose of this article is to know how Real Estate Brokers that provide Premium products and services are managing their technology. Their clients are big investors, enterprises or people with high incomes and, for this particular segment, we want to know how and how much they are investing in technology and how much is their contribution to business. In this article is studied how is made the management of technology inside these enterprises, how is this technology incorporated. It is also important to know in what management levels of the company are technologies used and what kind of training is given to employees. From external point of view of these enterprises, this study tries to find out how the communication is made to customers and by what means. It is also analyzed the investment that companies make in these new technologies, how these workers spend their time on managing information resources and technologies, especially considering the current mobile technologies, cloud computing, social networking, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Quick Response code (QR code), Augmented Reality (AR) among other more traditional applications and sources of information. It is intended to know the contribution of Communication Technologies in general and on Digital Marketing in particular, in terms of the Promotion, or in Relationship Marketing. Finally and most importantly, we want to know if there is added value when these means and techniques are used. According to the collection of data and information on three of the most important Real Estate Brokers that work in the Premium segment in Portugal, some highlights and some conclusions can be found about the way of how technologies have influence on Communication and in Digital Marketing, but mainly, how these technologies can have a global positive return. Recently in Portugal, there has been a substantial investment on Real Estate Premium segment and the Golden Visa seems to be behind the big investors. For these reasons, this study deserves a special attention now. There are very few articles on this topic and the significance of this article lies in the fact of the importance of technology in general for all business, and Real Estate Brokers can not be apart. However, is really the same for Premium segment? This research is not enough, should be extended to more cases and compared, when possible, with other segments and other countries.