In Finnish context some landlords in business-to-business context are seeking ways to widen their service offering to cover more aspects of the corporate real (CRE) function of their tenant. The window for offering such services is open, as at the same time tenants understand better the importance of the CRE function and they still lack the ability to carry out CRE activities themselves. This is especially the case in SME’s.This paper looks at the service development process of one big Finnish real estate actor. The aim is to understand the potential area of the CRE related services that may be provided by the landlords to commercial tenants. Secondary aim is to look at the hindrances and enablers that affect the potential to widen the service offering to CRE services in commercial rental business. The methodology of this paper is based on action research philosophy. The material for the article is gathered with interviews and workshops in the case organization. The process is iterative in manner and the previous interviews and workshops provide input for the next ones. Thus the paper outlines the service development process in the case setting. The findings suggest that there is a wide range of CRE related services that the landlords may offer to their tenants in commercial context. There are still some CRE management activities that are so close to the tenant core business, that these services will probably not be outsourced. Finally, the research suggests some hindrances and enablers to providing the CRE services for the tenant. The enablers include, for example, the expert knowledge in real estate business while the lack of marketing and communication skills in realm of services is an example of hindrances. Theoretically this article adds the amount of empirical research in the service development and services marketing fields. The article takes a look at one field of services that is not so often studied. Further, the article offers insights into service development for the practitioners in landlord organizations and other business-to-business actors in real estate field.