The real estate market is influenced by different economic and social factors. Our research considered theory of mononuclear and polynuclear city types in terms of residential market connections with economic overview and data interpretation.Based on analysed data changing in real estate residential prices and market activity is highly correlated with demografic and economic factors but also with the type of the city (mononuclear vs polynuclear).Mononuclear cities (60.000 – 200.000 inhabitants) experienced a uniform decreasing in the average price central vs periferic areas and reduced real estate market activity.Polynuclear cities (200.000 – 2.000.000 inhabitnts) presented non uniform evolution in prices and important real estate market activity.An important conclusion is about the expected evolution of the real estate market; based on our reasearch the polynuclear cities has more chance for future development active real estate market but in mononuclear cities there is an important chance to find economic decreasing and reducind in real estate market activity.