Real estate valuation in Estonia has the lifetime that equal with the Estonian state independence. Named time comparison gives for analysts a possibility to draw down a model valuation development as a function of development of different state development parameters and attributes. For clarity of procedures changes is important to embed them into the nature of classical categories of overall real estate valuation procedure like sources of value, components of value and factors of value with following analyse of the valuation environment. Founded on the international superposition of phenomena of value and/or the valuation procedure as well, the parallelism of national and international progress in area gives a possibility of simultaneous valuation life-cycle construction. The constructed life cycle is based on the standardized nature of valuation environment, on the legal changes arising from EU directions, post crisis changes of economic climate etc. Described approach of analyse supply us with enough strong explanations that had happened in area during the last two decades and this way arm involved in parties with clear vision connected with further steps not only for the next financial perspective of EU but also with the view extended into the next decade up till 2030. On the national level the linkage between financial institutions, private real estate companies providing valuation services and state authorities is important to explicate as founding triangular of changes with valuation as golden section of it.