Real estate expertise in its nature may be divided grounded on the different approaches that are clearly describing the substance of it. The first option of diversification is based on the nature of subject of real estate. According the different definitions of real estate is possible to draw done two independent parallels: i) the land and ii) the essential part of it; important is that the both parts of real estate are at the same time as a part of nature and environment and also surrounded by environment as a generic term. As an environment structure hereby the classification into nature and artifact, with their large taxonomy, is also important. Similarly the subject taxonomies, the huge foundation of different legal acts, as overall, as specialized, is remarkable.Named diversification gives to us a scope to converge to expertise from the side of land and to expertise its parameters up till site class. On the other hand, basically the buildings, but also the forest and standing wood may be classified as an object of expertise. Come to rest of the three different procedures they are straight connected with the procedures of expertise, to the scene are paced three similar and at the same time different activities, the expertise of land, the expertise of standing wood and expertise of buildings. In spite of some differences between the sub-subjects of expertise, the necessity of standardization is evident. Standard solutions for and of expertise may be industry based, national and/or international; the last group must let enough space for the national variances.Hereby may arise a question: How to apply during the expertise’s the many featured legal space or the existing, just constructed standardized environment of expertise procedure? Generalizing the experience of last fifteen years is possible to underline a lack, an emergency need for generally applied expertise practice. Standpoint, according the generally applied practice built up connected with earlier named definitions, classifications or taxonomies, is an object of further discussion.