In the world today, qualities of lives among humans are decreasing at a rapid stage. This is caused by our never-ending wants and needs. In order to satisfy our greed, our mother-earth are being destroyed at a rapid stage. More natural resources have to be harvested and of course more pollution are being created inevitably. With this rising concerns, organizations around the world are creating awareness of this phenomenon as part of their corporate social responsibilities.The real estate industry too, is on this trends. No doubt that this industry contributed most to the environmental impacts. They can cause both direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Even the first step in planning, developing to even managing the estates cause an environmental impacts. In recent years, both developers and consumers are being aware of these negative circumstances, in response to this, they are now more concerned when buying and/or developing the real estates.This study have emphasized on the relationships between purchasing attitudes and intentions to purchase green condominiums on Generation Y. Why Gen Y? Research conducted found that this generation of people are more aware of this environmental issues and willing to act accordingly. This research is conducted based on the quantitative method and the questionnaires used to reach the respondents will be online-administered. The target group will be between 18-35 years old and live in Bangkok. After filtering the questionnaire collected, 220 sets were used in analyzing. There are 2 steps in the process when analyzing the data. The descriptive statistic were used on the first step to obtain the demographic characteristics of the respondents. While on the second ,regressions were employed respectively. The results obtained from this study found that “Intentions to Purchase”green Condominium on generation Y has a positive relationship on “purchase attitude”. While “environmental knowledge”, “Perceived Benefits”, “Environment Concern”, “health conscious” and “subjective norms” also have a relationship on “purchase attitude” and indirect effect with “intention to purchase”.After knowing all these relationships developers can apply this knowledge to their business in advertising and analyzing consumers’ targets.