London has long been viewed as having an international standing in terms of financial power and strategic influence and is now recognised as a ‘global city’ and a favoured destination for property investment funds.The purpose of this paper is to assess the robustness of capital flows into London commercial property over an extended period including the pre and post global financial crisis (GFC). An investigation is made between capital flows into London, being an International Financial Centre (IFC), and how these compare with flows into commercial property markets of a selection of UK cities whose economic base is less directly influenced by the finance industry.Using the Real Capital Analytics (RCA) data base of commercial property transactions recorded over the period of study, the robustness and therefore volatility of capital flows into London commercial real estate are compared against those of selected alternative major UK cities. These capital flows are analysed to reveal the range of volatility over the timeframe enabling a more informed and critical understanding of the London market relative to alternative commercial property markets in the UK. These findings have a potential influence on strategic allocation of assets within portfolio planning.