There is a large body of research that has discussed sustainability in the higher education sector, albeit the main focus being curriculum design and development. Extant literature also provides evidence how organisational strategic plans can positively impact sustainable development. Whilst these exemplars have predominantly focused on other sectors (e.g. Manufacturing/Retail), there is a paucity of research on curriculum design, property development, management and maintenance in the higher education sector. Real estate is one of the key assets for large organisations such as universities. However, there is lack of research focusing on ‘sustainability and education’ in the built environment within the higher education sector. The aim of this paper is to identify good practice for incorporating sustainability within the curriculum and property portfolio within the higher education sector. This paper is discussed in the context of a case study. The case study university is Deakin University in Australia. Sustainability is overtly recognised in Deakin University’s Strategic Plan, LIVE (Learning, Ideas, Values and Experience) Strategy. Given this, ‘sustainability’ within the context of this paper can be seen as: (1) the incorporation of core sustainability drivers into the curriculum, and (2) embedding and promoting sector-specific (property and built environment) sustainability agenda.The research methods for this paper include desk-top study and discussion with stakeholders who have responsibility on sustainable development, in areas of curriculum development and property portfolio development and management, within the University. The author reviews Deakin’ University’s policy documents on sustainability and hold discussions with the University’s Sustainability Team in order to identify the University’s current priorities and future plans for sustainable property development, management and maintenance . Discussion will also be held with colleagues in Deakin Learning Futures and the Learning Innovation Team of the Faculty of Business and Law (i.e. University and Faculty’s Learning and Teaching Departments respectively) identifying the good practice on incorporating sustainability within the curriculum.This paper will conclude a list of recommendations to the higher education sector on sustainability strategies that could be incorporated into the curriculum and a strategic framework for the Facilities Services Division on sustainable, property development, management and maintenance.