The Lehmann bankruptcy, the financial crisis in Greece and the ongoing problems of the Euro brought about a situation in Germany, in which people started to shift their assets into properties. In addition to an undersupply of properties in the major cities, the situation is getting increasingly severe, because owners of housing stock in these locations tend to stick to their properties, because they see a lack of other highly secure options to reinvest their money as they see properties as a safe haven in uncertain times. Over the last three years it therefore became more and more difficult for real estate companies to acquire new properties in the major cities for selling, and letting. In contrast to this there is still a substantial oversupply of housing stock in the countryside.In this situation the purpose of this paper is to examine the use of after sales marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) by real estate companies as a means to acquire properties. This paper is based on a new survey from spring 2013. This study will provide a greater understanding of the attitudes and strategies of real estate companies in relation to after sales marketing issues.