The budget hotels in Thailand are likely to grow by the growth of low cost airline. Since cheaper airline ticket, middle management employees and their families including tourists travel more and more. Other than that, budget hotel business requires low investment but good return. Not surprisingly, the giant public company in Thailand hotel business, CENTEL, has been planned to expand new brand of 2 star hotel chain to serve the number of increasing travelers for AEC in 2015. However, IBIS Bangkok, there still wonders that ecotangible is the factor which significantly impact on customer satisfaction or not.Consequently, This paper proposes and tests a framework explaining the factors influencing customer satisfaction (SAT) with chain budget hotel in Bangkok especially the factor, ecotangible.Data was collected from both customers who were staying at the time we collected and customers were recently experienced within 6 months. Five hypotheses are :H1 : hotel image has a positive and direct effect on SAT.H2 : Ecotangible has a positive and direct effect on SAT.H3 : Physical quality has a positive and direct effect on SAT.H4 : Service quality has a positive and direct effect on SAT.H5 : Value for money has a positive and direct effect on SAT.The reliability and dimensionality of customer satisfaction are assessed by using exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression analysis which is employed to test aboved hypothesized relationships. The result shows that there are six factors which directly positive impact on customer satisfaction. The six factors are hotel image, ecotangible, room quality, room facility, service quality and value for money. The results of this study will provide developers in chain budget hotel to increase customer satisfaction and indeed, overall performance. Moreover, developers effectively allocate limited resources on appropriate factors to meet the customer satisfaction.