Poland is one of the largest net beneficiaries of European Union funds. Many investments were completed in the public and private sectors in Poland in 2005-2010 thanks to EU funds, which had a positive impact on the situation in the construction sector in Poland. We will investigate which sectors received the largest expenditure for fixed assets and to what extent these investments were related to EU funds. We will carry out a thorough analysis of the available statistical data on fixed asset investments in the private and public sectors in 2005-2010. The aim of the research is to assess the relationship between the available resources from EU funds and the economic situation in the construction sector. Some experts argue that the lack of EU funds will significantly worse conditions for the development of the construction sector and will increase unemployment. We decided to verify this thesis. The results of the research will also determine if the trends in capital expenditure on fixed assets in the public and the private sectors in Poland are similar to other European Union countries. Moreover, however, the results could be used to develop plans to reduce the negative effects of downturn in the construction sector in Poland. The research over Polish experience may also support other countries. The research results will depend on the completeness and quality of data collected.