Based on the description of a sample Real Estate Management master classes at the Technical University Berlin, which is offered in cooperation with the George Washington University (GW) and the University of Amsterdam, the authors discuss the outcome of an interdisciplinary and international study program.The result is a set of special and unique experiences, with a wide range of diverse items, for example technical, economical, financial, ecological, planning and law matters, as well as the impact of different lecturers from different nationalities. An important segment of this education is the connection to the real estate practice with semester projects. A semester project helps students to learn in interdisciplinary groups, as well as on their own, with actual cases of existing properties. All these items illustrate a number of imported outcomes. An auxiliary question is why students choose this avenue of advanced education. The authors will provide results from a current survey to provide answers. Finally, the authors discuss the future of this educational approach with its threats and opportunities.