While we think about real estate, it is quite common to limit with land or buildings. Other way, while we are speaking about real property early, then beside the land and buildings we commonly imagine not only finance or the bundle of rights but also the essential parts like forest, structures, and landscape are eligible. The lastly named diversification points us attention that we can draw down a nomenclature of different things that should be valued or their value, metric or non metric as a component will influence the estimated value. The last approach explains that some components, things, are non metric and they are described under some different circumstances like emotional, natural, social, etc. types of values that are not the common characteristics enclosed into the real estate value. The named situation, linked with the other contemporary situation of valuation which must account sustainability as a generic name, or energy efficiency, green etc, as its extensions, supply us with the huge multiplicity of resolutions that includes the both, similarities and differences.