While in early years of XX-s century famous Russian researcher Bakhtin started description of the chronotope then there do not exist any suggestion or reference that chronotope as a tool will appear on in the real estate environment and in this way will help us to draw down the value based life the property. The essential parts of the property on the one hand built up the real nature of the chronotope and on the other hand chronotope explain their dislocation and time based dynamic. Actually the time based dynamic of the different essential parts of property make us to link with the basic terms coding, overcoding, etc. founded by Umberto Eco, but their usage and clarification in spite the terms semiotics based foundation must wear also some characteristics of real estate, its nature and space. During the layout of chronotope the landscape and the artefact are both important so as on them lays rest of dynamic of markers that are illustrating the development of value.