There is little published research into public reactions to the provision of High Voltage Overhead Power Lines (HVOTL) in Australia. HVOTL infrastructure can create externalities and perceived threats to the immediate environment and adjoining residents. Their intensity will vary according to individual and community attitudes and expectations. Intertwined with these reactions is the fear of the homeownerís wealth and financial security being impacted with possible reductions in the value of their real estate. This paper outlines some of the findings of recent research undertaken in Queensland about the homeownerís perceptions towards the provision of HVOTL as well as the effect of HVOTL on adjacent property value. Results of a telephone survey and focus groups with respect to the homeownerís attitude towards HVOTL are outlined. Perceived impacts on property value are reported and the findings of some initial GIS studies discussed. Findings of the research suggest the role of place has an important influence on the homeownerís perceptions with respect to externalities and that perceived and actual impacts on property value will also be affected.