Relocation is a major organizational change but the process has not been widely re-searched. Existing research mainly approaches organizational relocation by explaining and predicting the optimal location. Organizations that are considering to relocate their businesses does not necessary recognize the importance of relocation and they do not necessarily have enough knowledge and resources to take care of the process themselves. A relocation process consists of numerous details and several strategic and tactical level decisions that the organization has to make. This study focuses on office occupiersí relocation process from the landlord perspective. The aim is to identify underlying challenges that tenants face when relocating and to recognize potential relocation related services that landlords could offer. This study is conducted as a multiple case study. Empirical data is collected through interviews with both landlord representatives and decision makers of office occupiers that have recently relocated. In order to create an understanding of the present state of practice, the paper formulates a generalized process description about the leasing process. Further, the study identifies the difficulties and challenges in the case organizationsí relocation processes. In addition, it will be showed what type of relocation related services landlords could offer to potential client companies that are considering or has already decided to relocate.