Real estate appraisal, basically its results are strongly linked with qualification of appraisers involved in of the valuation procedure. Through a description of the valuers qualification foundation based on the academically curriculum, on the professional experience and ongoing educational development, we arrive to the professional approval. Solving the question asked a decade ago by Barry Gilbertson: Is a real estate appraisal an art or a science?, we are returning to the other founding question: What are the items, in modern approach a staff that helps to valuers to pass the recognition. In this case are existing two firstly different ways of recognition procedure, the national and international one. The nature of valuerís qualification and its more sophisticated and detailed analyze bring us to conclusion that over the border as a recognition will move only a science, while qualification and its applications are country based arts. Finally it is evidential that the changes of qualification processes must take into account the both directions, the art and the science, and follow in this case the both mainstreams national and international that are linked with EU development, which turn the different dynamic into one, overall mutual process.