The majority of commercial (office and retail) property in the UK is leased as opposed to being owner-occupied (Investment Property Forum, 2005). The landlord and tenant relationship is frequently perceived as adversarial rather than one of partnership. This relationship operates within a legal framework and is driven by conflicting commercial objectives. However it is suggested that, through improved understanding of each otherís position and a positive customer-focussed approach to managing the relationship, the overall outcome from both perspectives may be enhanced. This paper reviews the literature on the landlord and tenant relationship and customer relationship management in the wider business world. It seeks to identify the key issues for both corporate occupiers and investment landlords in this area, using literature and analysis of property industry survey data. The lead author reflects on her extensive industry experience and uses this to outline the next proposed stages in the research project. The overall aim of the research is to determine current practice and issues in landlord and tenant relationship management and develop a framework of factors affecting successful relationship management. The key point is that the research will recognise both perspectives and it is hoped that evidence of outcomes from positive relationships may encourage other landlords and tenants to adopt a partnership approach.