The aim of this study is to develop customer orientated methods for areal development. Method consists of value proposition creation, customer segmentation, service package creation, value creation in collaboration with customers and areal branding. In Finland numerous old hospitals, barracks and other public service centers are closing down. These buildings usually locate outside the urban structure, in a beautiful nature environment. Facilities and the land are mainly owned by public sector. With good areal development these areas could be developed into valuable residential or service areas. Successful development would ease public sector in financial difficulties as developed land would increase in value. Finnish government is planning to cut down the number of municipalities from 336 to 70. As a part of the municipality renovation social and health care services needs to be reorganized. The reorganization of social and health care services might lead to more centralized service production, where more service centers outside city centers are closing down. Finnish government is also executing reform in military training. As a part of the reform, several barracks around Finland are closing down by the beginning of 2015. Finnish most significant church, Evangelical-Lutheran church is also having economic problems. In order to cut down deficit church is selling its properties all around Finland. The logic of business and marketing has been changing from goods dominant to service dominant logic. In the heart of the service dominant business logic is the idea that the customer is a co-creator of value. Construction industry is also developing new business models to serve customer better to gain better profits. Areal development, in collaboration with future customers, is still unknown. Sold properties around Finland are a good opportunity for investors to develop areas in collaboration with future customers.