The paper investigates the recent research on Automated Valuation Model (AVM) technology in order to assess the suitability thereof for the commercial property market. It includes the history of AVMs, current development and use thereof. The method used for the research is a structured interview with various property valuers that are active in the market, and an empirical study to test the applicability of AVMs in the said market. The empirical study makes use of multiple regression of secondary data and is validated by comparing predicted to actual values. The research found that AVM research is mainly performed in the residential market and a need for further development in the commercial market is necessary. The possible uses for AVMs are found to be mass valuations, such as for rates purposes, financing and auditing of individually valued properties. AVMs are found to be suitable for commercial valuation, but only as a supporting method, not as main technique, as the necessity for individual inspection cannot be elliminated, but AVMs enhance market research. The value of the paper is an elaboration on AVM research that can be helpful in the development of an actual model for commercial use. It also adds to the property valuation body of knowledge, especially in commercial property.