The purpose of this paper is to create the premises for a system of competencies in Romania coherent with the European regulations at master level in the area of economic analysis and valuation of businesses, real estates and financial assets, according to the requirements of professional associations. The master programs organized by universities should be based on a system of competencies adapted to the requirements of business environment and professional associations, considering the Romanian and European institutional frameworks and the demands of the European labour market. A key element is to adapt the curricula of master studies to generate knowledge and skills in correlation with the undergraduate and doctoral education level. Itís also essential to implement the competencies in teaching and assessment of students to create the support to growth the learning opportunities. The paper focuses especially on the competencies system for master programs from field of economic analysis and valuation of business, real estate and financial assets in connection with the requirements of professional associations which is essential for the correct implementation of university graduates in the market of professional valuators. Curricula should provide to graduates of master programs the professional skills mentioned in the occupational standards, in accordance with the methodologies developed by national and international standards.