The undergraduate BSc degree in property studies offered by the School of Construction Economics (CEM) at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) currently does not have work place experience or internship as a curriculum requirement. Practical work experience has been included in numerous real estate degree programmes at various universities around the world. Given the numerous work opportunities that graduates have when entering the real estate profession, the value of work place experience as a curriculum requirement may assist the property student to decide upon a suitable career path and also make that student more valuable to potential employers when graduating. Work place experience or an internship programme will allow for the integration of theoretical concepts learned in the classroom environment with practical application in the work place. This may also ensure that the graduate is able to find employment far sooner than without having the work place experience and improve the value of the graduate to potential employers. Final year students and recent graduates were surveyed to assess their views regarding the property profession generally and more specifically the potential value of work place experience as a formal curriculum requirement. Certain employers were also surveyed to assess the importance and value of their involvement in practical work place programmes for students. A comparison was also made with certain other universities who have recently implemented a practical work place assignment as a curriculum requirement.