The process to adequate the teaching system to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) implies for the student, among other issues, to learn how to work autonomosly. Beyond a doubt, the great challenge in the appaisal discipline teaching, consists of making inexperienced students conceive the field, as complex as it is for gathering a number of knowledges ambits (economy, architecture, urban management, law), as something linked to their everyday life. To achieve this goal, the students are asked to arrange a fictitious technical visit to their own houses. They have to use for this purpose audio-visual technics and subsequently create a valuation report. The videos filmed by the students are shown in the classroom and later commented by the professor. Through this teaching method, the students achieve a more dinamic, active and communicative learning, as well as improving their competences when planifiying and organizing the visits. The students consider this to be a satisfying experience, as they understand these ficticial visits as a first contact with what they expect to be their career development in the future.