During the development of different market based procedures a permanently growing importance of the buildings condition assessment is followed. On the other hand, the current position of technical condition assessment of buildings is basically founded on the empiricism and earlier acquired education of professionals. The curried out questionnaire confirm clearly two hypothesis of it in following: there do not exist a contemporary manual of procedure and the workout of it is also needed. Named prediction form also some important bases of a literature review or the generally accepted practice of the more technically developed states (US, Great Britain etc). In this case the three mentioned whales the survey, the literature review and generally applied area based practice, help to work out the basic layout of the first national instruction of the buildings conditions assessment procedure. In understandings of the Enterprise Estonia and some leading ministries the further development of the instruction will arrange the current position of the up till today volatile market situation in area. As a fact the local practise of the assessment of buildings conditions is strongly connected with the real estate appraisal process so as all the 11 Estonian valuation standards more or less include the management of assessment. In spite the absent of the clear legal space regulation, is very important to underline the intersection of the worked out instruction and earlier editions of valuation standards and in later convergence work out the triangular of mutual connections.