During the last years of the current decade the changes in the nature of tools that are used for the description of real estate value is dramatically changed. These changes involve the both parts of the tools as equipment used in the context construction while the real estate value description will be composed. Predominantly the diversification of the tools into traditional or non traditional one, those are regularly or spontaneously included, is not essential. In this case as a foundation of the indication of the changes will be placed on analyze of the sources, aggregates and factors of value, that are sorted and selected during their historically development and overvalued, reformed and over modelled during the new economically superposition which is adapting used up to the present superlative characteristics. The more coherent and transparent use some contemporary variables like sustainability, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly, etc will also provide the new approaches of description that will positioning how useful these adjustments are. In the stage of conclusions the forecasts of further movements applying the principles of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary will form the tolerable package.