During the ownership reforms, that were started simultaneously with the II independency, in Estonia as in all the Baltic States a lot of properties as the basic objects of restitution based ownership reform were returned to the former owners. During this procedure a permanently growing of importance of real estate appraisals is followed. On the other hand the development of the national legal system and its arrangement ex ante and ex post of the association with the EU in 2004 founded a gross and up till today permanently changing bundle of legal acts. These acts are surrounding the real estate space and also some of them are supporting the real estate issues. In spite this huge formality, the appraisal procedure itself is not a legal act based one and the explanation of the connections between the procedures of appraisal and legal acts is needed. More ever, the influence of some legal acts to the appraisal procedure and its results may be summarized as analyze of the different legal stresses. In the lights of the aims to explain the nature and the connections between appraisal practise and the legal regulation concluded into nature of easements, was carried out a questionnaire. The survey engaged mostly the certified real estate appraisal professionals and was concentrated to the affect of the basic easements on valuation results and procedure during the last years of decade. In the stage of conclusions the suggestions of the Certification and Examination committees, as some applied actions, were also considered. As a result of the survey were drawn down basic liens of relationship between the appraisal procedure and the contemporary legal space, i.e. space of easements and the proposals for the professional activity according the cohabitation with easements were also represented.