Like any business in the commercial world success in the Real Estate industry is reliant upon being able to make better and more informed decisions quicker than your competitors are able to do. A key component of this is having the latest and most complete data available and also having the correct tools to be able to interpret and analyse this data to its full potential. GIS enables its practitioners to reveal trends and patterns in data that are unlikely to be revealed using statistical and tabular analytical techniques alone. The aim of the current paper is to try and assess all aspects of GIS usage in the Real Estate industry. The paper will aim to compare whether this usage differs in Finland, where the technology is a relatively new concept, to the UK, where the technology has a longer history. The paper will be primarily conducted through face to face interviews with GIS practitioners in the corporate real estate industry. We will also speak to GIS data and service providers as well as third party GIS companies who offer an analysis service to the real estate industry. As well as asking about techniques and data that GIS practitioners use, the paper will also take into account the position of GIS in the organizational structure as well as problems and perceptions of GIS within the industry.