Little attention and study has been performed regarding the needs of senior citizens in Poland regarding their housing needs as they age. In general, people are living longer and in many cases, healthier lives. However, the housing stock has generally not kept up with the senior culture and lifestyles in the 21st century. Independent seniors in Poland, and Krakow in particular, have few residential living options tailored to their unique needs. I will focus on the evolving lifestyle of senior citizens, including but not limited to, what it means to be a senior citizen now and how the lives of seniors are changing due to living longer and potentially healthier. I will also discuss how culturally, things are changing with respect to the care of parents by children. In order to conduct this research, I use statistical demographic data from the Central Statistical Office in Warsaw combined with an independent survey and interviews with senior citizens, as well as theoretical indicators concerning social relationships within families and communities. The aim is of this analysis is to recognize that the 21st century independent senior citizen has unique housing needs that are currently not being met in the residential real estate marketplace and that there is significant demand for independent senior housing units.