"A new management approach is needed to improve the delivery of facilities services in elementary public school to ensure clean, safe and healthy learning environment. The study examined functions of facilities management as they relate to daily operations and maintenance, and identified variables and building factors affecting it. A total quality management (TQM) framework was developed to establish a continuous improvement culture in a asset/facilities department dinas pendidikan dasar Jakarta. First phase, it is based on qualitative approach which included the development of a service quality rating system at the Jakarta Elementary Public Schools. A survey instrument was devised called """"Service-On-Wheels,"""" and data was collected from 300 elementary public schools to evaluate 24 service categories. The study showed that implementation of such a TQM framework improves the performance of the organization at all levels and provides for problem solving. The study examined relationships between the evaluation system and key building characteristics or factors including building age, area, condition and student enrollment. It was found that none of these factors affect the service quality rating system. The study utilized various statistical analysis methods including regression, correlation and histograms. In the second phase, it is based on qualitative approach which involves data collection on service provider using semi-structured interview over 10 dinas pendidikan dasar DKI Jakarta senior officers. From the study it showed that, there is a need to measure Service Quality in dinas pendidikan dasar DKI Jakarta."