"In the ever-evolving market of household equipments, luxury and high cost equipments or kitchen appliances are longer the main stream. Consumers look for smarter and more functional kitchen design. The high inflation and high energy cost reality of today also drives the trend of eco-friendly and energy-efficient kitchen design. This trend is therefore a focus of our research on the smart kitchens. Moreover, we believe that a user-centered design can create better consumer satisfactory results. This is a departure from the past philosophy of designer-oriented design which tries to sell what the designers like. The study try to see from the user's viewpoint, and adopt the methodology of """"Scenario design"""", and poll survey questions concerning how users feel when interacting with smart kitchen appliances. Then we use statistical method and deep interview to analyze what makes a group of consumers different from other groups, and what special considerations are favored by a particular group. These discoveries about consumer preferences will be sent as feedback to the designers for the consideration of future designs and improvements."