The aim of this paper is to explore the linkages between corporate real estate, human resource management and business performance. Developing corporate real estate strategies in the current business environment has become an even more complex task. The implementation of flexible working, and the corresponding changes to HR practices, highlights the increasing importance of establishing the right amount and type of organisational space. One clear issue developing is the need to understand the changing demographic trend. The possibility that four different generations could be working in the same office at the same time means that CRE solutions must allow Multigenerational working. The office environment must not only enhance productivity must also provide environments that facilitate health and wellbeing. Creating office environments that are both productive and also supportive of physical and mental health requires that the occupier perspective is established. This means that the linkages between the people and their workplace need to be made through the application of techniques from Environmental Psychology. A number of themes will be identified throughout this paper. These will include the relationship between corporate real estate strategy and human resource strategy, organisational culture, changing demographics and the how office space can used to enhance organisational performance through the use of Environmental Psychology.