Market segmentation, Product position, selling price, and the sales time have been lots of discussion at single residential product literature. But it lacked for a portfolio examination of entire housing building. This paper quotes the concept of typicality of housing and atypicality of housing to segment the sub-market of housing by the quantities of room at a dwelling of the entire housing building. As well as make the best product position strategy, and use the proportion of rooms to discuss the relations of selling price and the sales time. The data of this paper investigate the new construct housing buildings in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, between 2001 and 2006 - total 192 housing building, and counted 21,520 dwelling units. This research is using two-stage least square model Chi-squared and Cluster analysis to probe the cause and effect between the product selling time and the housing substantial attribute combination, and to decide the strategy of proportion of rooms in the beginning of planning product positioning. The result of this research expected to contributive sub-market segmentation from product positioning, proposed that the product positioning of strategy, as well as defines the relations of the selling price and the sales time from the proportion of rooms strategy. We also expect to give development suggestion for the developer and find the important variable effect on the selling price and sales time at the scholarly research.