The aim of this paper is to investigate the regulations on the real estate education in Turkey. Rapid urbanization and population growth rises demand on urban land. This leads rapid growth in public and private investments to real estate sectors Paper identifies challenges and experiences and challenges in the real estate market in Istanbul that has the largest population in Turkey and between 1950 and 2000, its population increased from 1,002,085 to 12.018.735, primarily due to rural migration. While Istanbul accounts for 15 percent of Turkeyís population, the share of its GNP is 22.1 percent of Turkeyís GNP. These characteristics together with being in an excellent location between Asia and Europe for the international firms, stimulates its real estate market. This paper addresses the inequalities in supply side of real estate education to overcome rapid growth in demand. As investments lead into real estate sector demand on professionals emerged on agenda. Real Estate Education sector in public and private universities and institutions analysed. Education plans, student profiles and future plansa re investigated. Findings of this paper is that deman on real estate education constantly rising but supply of institutions are questioned.