The purpose of this paper is to provide a classification of the insight into the new approach of the real estate analyze. This approach is based on the space based built up of the property and on the other hand on the workout of the time based analyze of it nature, firstly represented in the earlier works of Bakhtin, and changing the analytic analyze with the synthetic analyze throughout the workout scheme of the chronotope. Design/methodology/approach ñ The research in this paper is based on space and place founded literature introduction and on the adapting and further promotion of the Bakhtinís definitions and itís philosophically approach into the real estate nature. Findings ñ The findings in this paper confirmed that the term chronotope and its fundamental presentation will be arranged and used for the analyzing the real estate on the different levels of it acquisition; the three levels of the chronotope Research limitations/implications ñ The research in this paper is aimed specifically at broad nature of real estate professionals and should supply them with a contemporary and modern approach of the fundamentals analyzes. Practical implications ñ The paper shows that, if consideration is given to the characteristics that bring us from the use of the traditional tools of analyze to their contemporary and more sophisticated interpretation, then the psychologically aspects through the philosophy of identity, must be accounted. Originality/value ñ In the paper the emphasis was placed on identifying on the different theoretically fundamentals of the basic parameters of the space and place that are used for the workout of the real estate chronotope. The theory of chronotope allows summarizing the heterogenesis of space and place in the real estate researches. As a new and contemporary tool of the description of the real estate nature (space and place) and research, the paper is fundamental and moves the market participants to the more holistic approach treating the property, and also promoting them for the larger discussion.