"This contribution presents the initial steps in the creation of a Digital Library of previous ERES proceedings. The series of ERES conferences started in 1993, but their visibility has predominantly been limited to the ERES website. Sixteen conferences related to Real Estate resulted in an interesting output of thousands of papers and it makes sense to have this wider and easier available to the audience. The average annual ""production"" counts to approx. 300 entries and the growing amount of information requires guiding, thus allowing to search entries of a certain author (within a certain time span), as well a possibility to retrieve records on a specific topic related to Real Estate. The used interface of the ERES Digital Library (eres.scix.net) was created in the framework of an EU-IST project, called SciX (Open Scientific Exchange of Information). First results on the gathering of initial content will be presented. At the time of writing over 1,200 entries are recorded. With the support of previous conference organizers, a retrospective recording of all entries is aimed at. In the framework of this contribution, also ideas on future developments of the ERES Digital Library will be presented."