Nowadays, many companies try to attract customers by bundling all marketing efforts under a common corporate brand to reflect the organizationís identity. The principle of corporate branding suggests that the corporate brand ought to be thoroughly embedded throughout the entire company in order to be successful. Therefore, also Corporate Real Estate (CRE) must be managed in accordance with it. This paper explores how CRE can add value to corporate branding and how corporate branding strategies for CRE can be determined. Literature study on possible links between CRE and the corporate brand suggests two possibilities: a direct influence of CRE on the perception of the corporate brand and an indirect link through the influence of CRE on employee behavior which influences the corporate brand. The direct influence has been explored further through field research on the importance of CRE aspects for corporate branding among 19 companies. They are split up into 4 different types of service providers: real estate brokers(6), architects(6), lawyers(3) and multinationals(4). Every company tries to form a unique corporate branding strategy, which requires a specific location and building. But the branding ëstoryí within the distinguished organization types does appear to be similar. Corporate identity and its 6 characteristics (structure, strategy, culture, communication, behavior and design) formed a useful tool to determine the proper branding strategy for an organization. Especially ëdesigní and ëcommunicationí define the way CRE should communicate the corporate brand. All interviewees confirmed a possible role for CRE in supporting the brand. The results do not provide a single list of CRE aspects for all companies. This depends too much on company characteristics. But the CRE aspects with the highest scores on possible influence were ëlocation accessí, ëlocation typologyí, ërecognition of the buildingí and ëmain entrance of the buildingí.