Since the last decade, both public and private developers are the major contributor to the housing development in Johor Bahru. However, the quality of houses delivered is still far from the buyersí expectation. This research therefore, seeks to achieve two objectives. One, to measure the house buyers satisfaction on the quality of completed housing unit delivered by developers; and two, to measure the performance of housing developers using the star rating system. Hence, the focus of this research mainly focuses on the house buyersí satisfaction on quality of houses as well as services provided by the developers. In this research, questionnaires are distributed to house buyers in Johor Bahru in order to gather information of developersí background as well as respondentsí profile. In addition, the questionnaire is also used as an instrument to determine the satisfaction of house buyer on the performance respectively the housing developers. SPSS is used to analyze the primary data collected in which the finding will be used as the basis to measure the developerís performance. Finally, a performance measurement system for housing developers constructed based on the star rating system.