"Sustainability and Green Buildings are the key words in the discussion of future orientated properties. Even the EXPO REAL, which is a ground-breaking and important International Commercial Property Exposition, attracts with the headline ìSustainability and real estateî last year. Therefore it is shown, that this subject becomes more important and of course split views which are heating up discussions about the future of properties. In case of old commercial buildings it is either the question to demolish or to refurbish them. In Frankfurt, Germany, Europeís greatest refurbishment of a commercial building is taking place at the moment and will create one of the most eco-friendly high-rise buildings in the world. Overall this refurbishment will become a leading property in the sustainability sector. In this session an example will be given on how an office building can be redeveloped and which steps have to be taken to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the building by at least 50 per cent. Implemented during the refurbishment is a multiple measure to save energy and not only costs, but to reduce the required heating energy by 67 per cent. Suffering from the delusion only users can influence the CO2 emission of a property, also the building itself is responsible for its emission. Therefore the use of renewable energies, technical building intelligence, fire prevention and protection, energy saving and of course the efficient use of all kind of resources are just a few items to guarantee ideal working conditions and to make a significant contribution to protect the environment in the long term.""