The sinuous development of market economy in Romania brought into attention the need for new qualifications and for development of more sophisticated competencies in the economic domain. Moreover, according to Bologna process, the whole European higher education system has changed and the need for new study programs arises. As a consequence, a new curriculum, based both on ARACIS and ACPART recommendations, has been designed and accredited in order to launch an advanced master in management and business strategies in ìTransilvaniaî University of Brasov, Romania. The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the base competencies master students in management studies should acquire and if those competencies are fulfilling the requirements of a future career in valuation, taking into account that they can have different undergraduate economic backgrounds. For achieving the paperís goal, an insightful research has been completed, by studying and making comparisons between all undergraduate curriculum in Economics Faculty and identifying courses that can set up base competencies in valuation, based on the courses descriptions. For the selected undergraduate programs, we analyze and group courses competencies according with ARACIS recommendations (general, specific and affective competencies) and compare them with those of the newly initiated master program ìManagement and business strategyî. Based on identified competencies, we consider that there exist coherence between licence and master for training the students as future valuators, but during the preparation of the master curricula for ìManagement and business strategiesî, on face-to-face discussions with former master students in management, along with the need for theoretical knowledge acquired in the university, three items became visible: - a need for thoroughly information about career opportunities in valuation; - a need for enhanced collaboration with practitioners in order to gain confidence in the use of their competencies; - a need for knowledge comparisons with those of foreign students. // As a result, for the purpose of improving the master studentsí competencies in valuation, we consider that the professors should emphasis all the competencies the courses are offering and the university should develop partnerships with ANEVAR tutors and should identify possible partnerships with universities both from Romania and from other countries in the domain of valuation.