Following the IVSC restructuring there is a new possible link between education, appraisal profession and the public interest. IVSC has three main bodies: an independent global Board of Trustees, a Standards Board and a Professional Board appointed by the Trustees. The Professional Board main objective task is to promote professional and educational standards for valuation; ï foster and review the development of educational programmes consistent with IVSC objectives; ï develop a multi discipline international body of Knowledge; ï develop a set of international valuation Best Practice; ï promote education and training relative to international Valuation Standard // We could understood real estate valuation like a three dimension chess game with: the public (including the industry), the valuers and the education system. // The education level is important from minimum two prospectives: Minimum Education Requirements (MER) is important for certification and the public interest regarding the quality of the professional services. The Body of Knowledge will be important for continuous education system (profession) and development of the profession (public interest and the industry).