This study reports the findings of a recent survey of the real estate academic and professional community based on the associations of the researcher respondent. Members of the ARES, ERES, AsRES, PRRES and AREUEA were asked to rate their perception of 18 real estate journals that are currently available as academic publications (peer reviewed). Over 300 respondents completed the electronic survey during the latter half of 2007. Respondents provided quality rating of the journals as well as where they actually published. Responses by affiliation of the respondents are currently being analyzed and will be presented in this paper. That is do members of ERES view the alternative publications differently then their colleagues that are members of ARES or AREUEA. Also, we hope to ascertain which journals are clearly global publishing outlets and which ones are not as well recognized around the world. Responses will also be examined to see if they vary depending on the profe ssion of the respondent (academic or practitioner) as well as the level of the respondent that is in an acadmic setting (associate, lecturer, senior lecture, full professor). Results will be useful to the rank and file to guide them as to what journals they should target for their publications if journal qulity matter for promotion but also to the various academic organizations and publishers that roduce the journals, particularly for the journals that are not as widely recognized once the respondents come from another part of the world.