The city of Sopot has rich experience in co-operation with private sector. It includes management of the municipal supplies, programme of revitalization. The sale of production companies and investments with private capital participation are examples of successful co-operation. The example of last mentioned co-operation is project of Sopot Centre Redevelopment, which has been realized in the Project Finance mode. Project Finance is a method of investment financing that has gained and important place on the real estate market. This method has been applied to financing private and public-private infrastructure investments and real estate investments as well. In certain cases, with respect to principles of that method, the variety of Project Finance solutions enables to overcome financial restrains and meet growing investments needs. The aim of that article is to analyze to case of Sopot Centre Redevelopment, identify the barriers of Project Finance developm ent in Poland and propose actions which can to be undertaken for broader application of that method in Polish conditions.