Retiree migration in Europe has been an increasing phenomenon during last fifteen years from the North countries to the South. Spain has been one of the primary destinations for this group and they have tended to concentrate in only some coastal and very warm areas, like Alicante, Islands and the South. We have studied the two main groups of this migrants,Germans and Britons, and conducted a survey in order to collect primary information about their habits, tastes and other reasons which could be the basis to explain their presence in some of the markets. We explore the role of the economic reasons on the decision to buy homes in Alicante based on a panel constructed using primary data merged with secondary data about general information of housing market (house building, housing prices and migration) and also through adding housing market information of the areas from where the retirees come from in their countries. The pseudo-panel allows us to evaluate the role of difference on housing prices on the decision taking process to buy a house and the main differences about how the two European nationalities face the housing market.