The interests in sustainable building in terms of energy and ressource saving, healthy and cost efficient planning, construction and management, have been gaining meaning in recent past. Increasing energy prices and changing societies characterize the requirements on planning and building in the future. This development manifests itself in the growing demand for sustainable rated investment options, which in turn open up the possibility for activating a potential for sustainable property investment products.This paper examines the demanders and the suppliers of socially responsible property investments (SRPI). On the suppliersí side, the structure of the actual available socially responsible property investment products was examined. The question that must be put: How far do existing products satisfy the demands into a comprehensively sustainable concept and how is it possible to measure and document sustainability. On demanders side requirements on SRPI were examined. Relating to this examination, the results of an interview of institutional investors from Germany shall be described. The investors were questioned regarding the meaning of property investment in their portfolios, the meaning of socially responsible investment and the meaning of social responsible property investments. The last section shows suggestions to possible strategies for the development and establishment of sustainable property investment products. An important part of it is the regular preparation of a social responsible report. Suggestions on possible criteria had been worked out, too.