The article presents the results of the authorsí research concerning a selection of residential investments contractors. On the turn of the year 2007 and 2008 a pilot study among Polish clients, developers, housing associations and main contractors, was conducted. The study involved a survey among selected respondents to whom questionnaires were sent by email. The choice of respondents depended on their experience in selecting contractors (subcontractors). Only top-level management personnel were asked to complete the questionnaire. Finally 54 correctly completed questionnaires were analysed. Apart from answering the questions, the respondents had an opportunity to comment freely on the topics mentioned in the questionnaire. One of the purposes of the research was to obtain data concerning the ways of selecting residential investments contractors. The questionnaire also concerned the procedures and criteria of contractorsí prequalifications, used by the investors. Another aim of the research was to establish whether the long-term cooperation between the participants in construction industry existed and which selection factors can influence the decision-making process. The results of the research indicate that all responders prefer competent, verified contractors (subcontractors), with whom previous cooperation was satisfying. Most of responders have evidence of previous contractors. In the case of investorsí selection from several tenders, the most important qualification factor is contractors experience, supported by references and an appropriate number of similar projects already completed. In the case of a direct offer, the most important factor which can influence the decision to initiate cooperation is confidence.