The research communities of regional science and those of real estate research have very little overlap. They typically do not attend the same conferences and seem to use different journals. For example, of the 719 citations in the journal ìReal Estate Economicsî in 2006 only three were to the ìJournal of Regional Scienceî, the flagship journal of that discipline. Only two out of 1327 citations in 2006 in the ìJournal of Regional Scienceî cited articles in ìReal Estate Economicsî. The paper explores the common ground between the two disciplines and argues that each one can learn important lessons from the other. We will characterize the two disciplines, identify the difference in their approaches and try to find reasons why the situation is as it has been sketched above. Then, based on this characterization, we will identify gateways between the disciplines and sketch existing and not yet existing links between them. Based on this information we will speculate about the lessons each one of the disciplines may learn from the other when establishing and fully utilizing these links