This project deals with the management of land information concerning its legal situation and the data related to its physical characteristics and geospatial situation. The information related to land circulates through parallel, but independent flows creating separated and unrelated circuits that give rise to disseminate information about two basic aspects of real estate; the physical characteristics and the legal situation. This set of conditions has created a situation of mistrust, arising from the differing outlines of the land information structures that lead to the development of independent territorial systems, whose data bases are organised by different, and in many cases incompatible sets of rules. In 2003 a line of investigation named ìProject Ramon Llullî began to be developed in the University of Alicante (Spain), aiming for the standardisation and coordination of the use of legal and graphic data related to real estate. The development of the Project is structured in two successive phases, the first of which has been fully completed and the second is currently in progress. The Project is being conducted in accordance with the following guidelines: 1. Managing the cadastral cartography as a reference point 2. Contextual perspective for territorial data processing 3. Using public deeds execution as a time frame for graphic data update 4. Prevalence of the real data over any other kind of information This paper presents a thorough description of the process as it is being carried out.