One of the most important issues of UN is the development and conversation of urban parks policy. This issue is not only the components of regional resources and spatial plans, but also the outcomes of cultural orders and social ethics. Moreover, an urban park plays key role to environmental maintaining, leisure recreation, and urban precaution and so on. It is no doubt that an urban park is the extremely element of a city in aspects of living, production and ecology. However, the spatial pattern and function of an urban park either consist with its characters or meet with usersí needs are the motives of this study. Exploring the behavior intention of an urban park user and its influencing factors is important for enhancing urban park policy and finding out the main demand of an urban park. This study is undertaken to establish a conceptual framework to describe the behavior intention of an urban park. Then GIS is approach to assist investigate and analyze the usersí behavior to different urban parks. And a structural equation model is then employed to formulate the relationship between individualís behavior intention of an urban park and its influencing factors. A set of questionnaires will be designed and citizens in Tainan will be interviewed in order to collect the required data for empirical study purpose. The main purposes of this study are as follows: 1. to understand the way and property of citizens, 2. to formulate the relationship between individualís behaviors of urban parks, 3. to establish the structural equation model of citizensí behavior to an urban park, 4. to bring up suggestions to improve an urban park.